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Summary Literature (2)
Literature for DOID 1712: aortic valve stenosis

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A single codon insertion in PICALM is associated with development of familial subvalvular aortic stenosis in Newfoundland dogs., Stern JA,White SN,Lehmkuhl LB,Reina-Doreste Y,Ferguson JL,Nascone-Yoder NM,Meurs KM, Hum Genet. September 1, 2014; 133(9):1432-1203.
Conservation and divergence of protein pathways in the vertebrate heart., Federspiel JD,Tandon P,Wilczewski CM,Wasson L,Herring LE,Venkatesh SS,Cristea IM,Conlon FL, PLoS Biol. September 6, 2019; 17(9):1545-7885.