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Movies: Animations illustrating Xenopus development

Xenopus laevis

Stages Movie Author Content
NF Stage 4 to NF Stage 8 (1M) Bernhard Strauss and Nancy Papalopulu Xenopus laevis early cleavage stages
NF Stage 9 to NF Stage 23 (1.2M) Huw Williams and James Smith Xenopus laevis gastrula through neurula stages
NF Stage 13 to NF Stage 28 (1.2M) Enrique Amaya Xenopus laevis embryo from the neurula stage through to hatching
Single Cell to Blastula (1.1M) Huw Williams and James Smith Cleavage from one cell to blastula stage embryo.
Single Cell to Gastrula (3.2M) Huw Williams and James Smith

Synchronous development of Xenopus laevis embryos during early embryogenesis. Gastrulation follows the synchronous cleavage stages, and migrating involuted mesoderm can be seen underlying the prospective ectoderm cells.

Gastrulation (484K) Mike Danilchik A morph of confocal optical sections illustrating the internal movements during gastrulation.
Gastrulation (212K) Ray Keller, digitized by Jeff Hardin A dorsal surface view of gastrulating embryo.
Gastrulation through Neurulation and Tailbud (1.1M) Huw Williams and James Smith Time lapse dorsal view.

Xenopus tropicalis

Stages Movie Author Content
Gastrulation (93K) Enrique Amaya Color vegetal view of blastopore closure.
NF Stage 12.5 to NF Stage 25 (363K) Enrique Amaya Group of Xenopus tropicalis embryos from the neurula to early tailbud stages
NF Stage 25 to NF Stage 43 (1M) Enrique Amaya Time lapse movie of head and face morphogenesis in Xenopus tropicalis
Neurulation and Elongation (111K) Enrique Amaya Color dorsal view of neural tube closure and tailbud elongation.
0 - 49 sec: Stage 43 tadpole; 49-59 sec: Ventral view of head and heart region of Stage 47 tadpole (1.6M) Enrique Amaya Live movie of Stage 43 and Stage 47 Xenopus tropicalis tadpole


Movie Author Content
(5.6M) Eddy De Robertis Spemann-Mangold organizer transplantation experiment reenacted by Eddy De Robertis

Introductory Developmental Biology

Movie Author

Jason Pellettieri

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