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High-resolution Images and Movies of Xenopus Frogs

These images and movies are available for display and download.

For use in presentations and posters and educational purposes.

Copyright Xenbase. Image attributions to Xenbase.


Click on image to open and view high-resolution enlargement in new tab. Secondary-click and "save image/movie" or "save page as" to download enlargement.


Hi-res images:



3 chambered heart
blastopore closure - neural plate formation
blastopore closure
blastopore formation
gastrulation (animal pole)
single embryo sequence
single embryo to late blastula
when it all goes wrong
when it all goes wrong (larger file)
single cleaving embryo
several embryos cleaving (synchronized)
embryo microinjection
short feeding clip
another short feeding clip
albino adult Xenopus laevis
adult Xenopus laevis
adult Xenopus laevis diving
adult Xenopus tropicalis diving
albino adult Xenopus tropicalis
albino adult Xenopus tropicalis

More images:






Last Updated: 2019-09-01