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Nineteen distinguished scientists recognized as 2023 ASCB Fellows

Congratulations to Bill Bement!

Professor at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Elected as a Fellow of the American Society for Cell Biology 2023.

Check out his lab's website.



Nineteen distinguished scientists recognized as 2023 ASCB Fellows

by ASCB Post Staff


The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) is pleased to present its cohort of 19 new Fellows for 2023.

Election as a Fellow of ASCB is an honor bestowed upon ASCB members by their peers.

The list of approved Fellow nominees is reviewed and approved by the ASCB Council. The new cohort of ASCB Fellows will be formally recognized at Cell Bio 2023, the joint meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) and the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) in Boston.

Jon Audhya, Professor and Senior Associate Dean, University of Wisconsin Madison
William Bement, Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Michael Boyce, Associate Professor, Duke University
Iain Cheeseman, Professor, Whitehead Institute
Velia Fowler, Professor, University of Delaware
Erin Goley, Director of Admissions, Johns Hopkins
Holly Goodson, Professor, University of Notre Dame
Peter Gunning, Professor, University of New South Wales
Wei Guo, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Anna Kashina, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Tarun Kapoor, Professor, Rockefeller University
Soni Lacefield, Professor, Dartmouth
Michael Matunis, Professor, Johns Hopkins
Samara Reck-Peterson, Professor, University of California, San Diego
Michael Shelanski, Professor, Columbia University
Mark Terasaki, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut
Gia Voeltz, Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder
Michael Way, Professor, The Francis Crick Institute
Karsten Weis, Professor, ETH Zurich




Top, L-R: Jon Audhya, William Bement, Michael Boyce, Iain Cheeseman, Velia Fowler, Erin Goley, Holly Goodson, Peter Gunning, Wei Guo, Anna Kashina, Tarun Kapoor, Soni Lacefield, Michael Matunis, Samara Reck-Peterson, Michael Shelanski, Mark Terasaki, Gia Voeltz, Michael Way, Karsten Weis

Last Updated: 2023-08-08