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Call for papers: Translating Multiscale Research in Rare Disease


Dear colleague,

Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) invites you to submit your latest research for a special issue focused on Translating Multiscale Research in Rare Disease.

The issue will be coordinated by DMM Editors Monica Justice (The Hospital for Sick Children [SickKids], Toronto, Canada), Karen Liu (King's College London, UK) and Monkol Lek (Yale School of Medicine, USA), and Guest Editor Kate Rauen (University of California, Davis, USA).

Individually, rare disease might affect only a few people, making them difficult to recognise, diagnose or treat, but collectively they affect approximately 300 million people globally at any one time. These complex diseases affect nearly any organ system or biological function. Research in various model systems can reveal rare disease mechanisms at genetic, molecular, cellular, tissue, organ and organism scales.

DMM welcomes studies focused on the genomics, phenomics, networks, mechanisms and pathways of rare diseases, to foster meaningful clinical progress in their diagnosis and treatment.

This ongoing collection will be launched in a dedicated issue that will benefit from high visibility to basic researchers through to clinicians.

Submission deadline: Monday 6 November 2023

Submissions should describe original research in the form of a Research or Resource article. For rapid feedback on the suitability of a paper for consideration, please send us a presubmission enquiry.

The issue will also feature invited reviews and other non-research content by leaders in the field.

We hope you will showcase your breakthrough translational research in this special issue and look forward to receiving your submission.

Kind regards,

Liz Patton
Editor-in-Chief, Disease Models & Mechanisms

Last Updated: 2023-06-22