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Development 2023 Sep 01;15017:. doi: 10.1242/dev.201612.
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Bidirectional multiciliated cell extrusion is controlled by Notch-driven basal extrusion and Piezo1-driven apical extrusion.

Ventrella R , Kim SK , Sheridan J , Grata A , Bresteau E , Hassan OA , Suva EE , Walentek P , Mitchell BJ .

Xenopus embryos are covered with a complex epithelium containing numerous multiciliated cells (MCCs). During late-stage development, there is a dramatic remodeling of the epithelium that involves the complete loss of MCCs. Cell extrusion is a well-characterized process for driving cell loss while maintaining epithelial barrier function. Normal cell extrusion is typically unidirectional, whereas bidirectional extrusion is often associated with disease (e.g. cancer). We describe two distinct mechanisms for MCC extrusion, a basal extrusion driven by Notch signaling and an apical extrusion driven by Piezo1. Early in the process there is a strong bias towards basal extrusion, but as development continues there is a shift towards apical extrusion. Importantly, response to the Notch signal is age dependent and governed by the maintenance of the MCC transcriptional program such that extension of this program is protective against cell loss. In contrast, later apical extrusion is regulated by Piezo1, such that premature activation of Piezo1 leads to early extrusion while blocking Piezo1 leads to MCC maintenance. Distinct mechanisms for MCC loss underlie the importance of their removal during epithelial remodeling.

PubMed ID: 37602491
PMC ID: PMC10482390
Article link: Development
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: ccl20 mcc mcidas notch1 piezo1 tub
GO keywords: Notch signaling pathway [+]
Antibodies: Tuba4b Ab4

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References [+] :
Andrade, Apoptotic regulation of epithelial cellular extrusion. 2011, Pubmed