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Sci Rep 2015 Jan 12;5:7750. doi: 10.1038/srep07750.
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A novel function for Egr4 in posterior hindbrain development.

Bae CJ , Jeong J , Saint-Jeannet JP .

Segmentation of the vertebrate hindbrain is an evolutionarily conserved process. Here, we identify the transcription factor early growth response 4 (egr4) as a novel regulator of posterior hindbrain development in Xenopus. egr4 is specifically and transiently expressed in rhombomeres 5 and 6 (r5/r6), and Egr4 knockdown causes a loss of mafb/kreisler and krox20/egr2 expression in r5/r6 and r5, respectively. This phenotype can be fully rescued by injection of frog or mouse Egr4 mRNA. Moreover Egr4-depleted embryos exhibit a specific loss of the neural crest stream adjacent to r5, and have inner ear defects. While the homeodomain protein vHnf1/Hnf1b directly activates Mafb and Krox20 expression in the mouse hindbrain to specify r5, we show that in Xenopus this process is indirect through the activation of Egr4. We provide evidence that rearrangements in the regulatory sequences around egr4 and mafb genes may account for this difference.

PubMed ID: 25583070
PMC ID: PMC4291570
Article link: Sci Rep
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Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: egr2 egr4 en2 fgf3 hnf1a hnf1b hoxa3 hoxb1 mafb meis3 odc1 pax3 snai2 sox10 sox9 tfap2a zic1
GO keywords: ectoderm development [+]
Morpholinos: egr4 MO1 egr4 MO2 meis3 MO1 pax3 MO1 pax3 MO4 zic1 MO1

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References [+] :
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