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Dev Biol 2012 Mar 01;3631:147-54. doi: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2011.12.031.
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Roles of ADAM13-regulated Wnt activity in early Xenopus eye development.

Wei S , Xu G , Bridges LC , Williams P , Nakayama T , Shah A , Grainger RM , White JM , DeSimone DW .

Pericellular proteolysis by ADAM family metalloproteinases has been widely implicated in cell signaling and development. We recently found that Xenopus ADAM13, an ADAM metalloproteinase, is required for activation of canonical Wnt signaling during cranial neural crest (CNC) induction by regulating a novel crosstalk between Wnt and ephrin B (EfnB) signaling pathways (Wei et al., 2010b). In the present study we show that the metalloproteinase activity of ADAM13 also plays important roles in eye development in Xenopus tropicalis. Knockdown of ADAM13 results in reduced expression of eye field markers pax6 and rx1, as well as that of the pan-neural marker sox2. Activation of canonical Wnt signaling or inhibition of forward EfnB signaling rescues the eye defects caused by loss of ADAM13, suggesting that ADAM13 functions through regulation of the EfnB-Wnt pathway interaction. Downstream of Wnt, the head inducer Cerberus was identified as an effector that mediates ADAM13 function in early eye field formation. Furthermore, ectopic expression of the Wnt target gene snail2 restores cerberus expression and rescues the eye defects caused by ADAM13 knockdown. Together these data suggest an important role of ADAM13-regulated Wnt activity in eye development in Xenopus.

PubMed ID: 22227340
PMC ID: PMC3288294
Article link: Dev Biol
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Species referenced: Xenopus tropicalis
Genes referenced: adam13 cat.2 cer1 chrd dvl1 efnb1 efnb2 otx2 pax6 rax snai2 sox2 tbx2 tbxt
Morpholinos: adam13 MO1 adam13 MO2

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References [+] :
Alfandari, ADAM 13: a novel ADAM expressed in somitic mesoderm and neural crest cells during Xenopus laevis development. 1997, Pubmed, Xenbase