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Summary Attributions

Line Name: Xtr.apcMRCΔ1/+Vlemx

Synonym: apcMCR-Δ1/+ Line
Species: Xenopus tropicalis
Background Strain: Xtr.Outbred
Paternal Line:
Maternal Line:
Description: F0 apc mosaics generated by apc TALENs injection, were outcrossed with WT X. tropicalis, and offspring were genotyped to identify heterozygotes via heteroduplex mobility assay. One distinct band pattern on heteroduplex mobility analysis was determined by deep amplicon sequencing and BATCH-GE to be indicative of a 1–base pair deletion in apc, and these animals were grouped and further raised for analysis.
Phenotype Description:
Color Morph:
Breeding Type: OUTBRED
Lab of Origin: Vleminckx Lab
Line Type: Mutant
Mutated Gene(s): apc
MTA Required: No
Public: Yes
Catalogue Number:

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