Xenopus Community Groups

Xine - A Xenopus Community email group

Xine is a Xenopus community email list, hosted at the Xenopus Stock Center (NXR) at the MBL in Woods Hole, MA.

Xine facilitates communication within the global Xenopus community. It is intended to inform researchers about important developments and to disseminate information of wide interest. Information about meetings, workshops, grants and funding, job openings, protocols and reagents, and other questions can be posted only by Xine members.

Xine relays contributions from members of the Xenopus community - it's not spam- it's by Xenopus researchers, for Xenopus researchers!

HOW TO JOIN: click here to subscribe.

HOW TO POST: Send emails to xenopus@lists.mbl.edu.

NEED HELP? If you encounter any problems, e-mail the editor, Marko Horb.

MAIN ARCHIVES: The MBL Xine archive has messages sent from 2012 -current issues.

XENBASE ARCHIVES: Xenbase Xine archive includes releases for 2001-2013 only.


XenCare is the global Xenopus husbandry, care and welfare help group.

The XenCare email list is predominantly for those taking care of Xenopus frogs, and is a safe place to ask other animal care staff (or those that make the decisions in terms of their care) to pose any questions and see community input and help to solve problems they encounter. Members come from all over the world and you can post questions related to any subject, from frog health, identification of pathogens, feeding regimes and handling techniques, to water quality management, aquatic facility set up and the best way to ship animals.

The XenCare group is especially helpful to new animal care managers and researchers trying to troubleshoot husbandry issues.

This Xenopus support group is also incredibly useful to anyone setting up a new facility and wanting to hear from people on the ground, ith real experience, as to what works and what doesn't!

HOW TO JOIN: Please contact Rue Jones Green and they will add you to the XenCare group email list.

HOW THE LIST WORKS: When you send an email to xenopuscare-husbandry@gaggle.email, every member of the list will get the email. That's all there is to it! When you reply, everyone gets the reply.

CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS: You can change the email address where you receive these messages or unsubscribe here: My Member Settings.

QUICK START GUIDE: Quick Start - Members Guide.

ANY QUESTIONS? contact the list administrator: xenopuscare-husbandry+admins@gaggle.email

Community Forum @ The Alliance of Genome Resources

The Alliance of Genome Resources is a consortium of 7 model organism knowledgebases (MOKs) and the Gene Ontology (GO) Consortium, whose goal is to provide an integrated view of their data to all biologists, clinicians, and other interested parties. The MOKs include Xenbase (Xenopus), FlyBase (Drosophila), WormBase (C. elegans), SGD (yeast), MGI (mouse), RGD (rat) and Zfin (zebrafish).

Join the Alliance Community Forum on the Discourse platform to stay up-to-date with announcements, job postings, ask questions and take part in discussions with other members of the Alliance Community. There is a general section where everyone is welcome to post news or pose questions and there are also sections for each model organism community.

Frogs is the forum specifically tailored to the Xenopus research community with opportunities to pose questions and answer posts about anything and everything to do with Xenopus, including (but not limited to) news and meeting announcements, protocols and reagents, husbandry issues, marker and staging questions, data analysis methods, facts and figures, animal husbandry and any other scientific questions you may have.

Note that the forum has moderators from each MOK, so no spam or junk gets through, only legitimate, civil conversations and discussions.

WEBSITE: https://community.alliancegenome.org/categories

HOW TO JOIN: Follow the Website link above, click the ‘Sign Up’ box at the top of the page and enter your information

HOW TO POST: ‘Log In’ to post!

Xenopus Community on SLACK

Some members of Xenopus research community use SLACK as a discussion forum, and there is a myriad of topics you can post under from general discussion, husbandry, staging embryos, software and data analysis and protocols. Currently there are about 275 users, so it’s quite popular. However, one limitation is that this is a free SLACK account, so posts only last for 90 days.

HOW TO JOIN: Download the SLACK App and search for XenopusCommunity, then follow prompts to join/sign in. Alternatively, navigate to xenopuscommunity.slack.com in your browser, then sign in using one of the options.

There is an option to invite people to join this SLACK group via a link, but as the link expires after 30 days, it needs to be regenerated, and is not shown here.