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Xine Volume 6 - supplement 4

Xine Volume 6 - supplement 4, August 2006

Welcome to Xine, the source for Xenopus news and information. Here's what's happening...

Xenopus Genomics Satellite meeting

For those of you planning to attend the 11th International Xenopus meeting, please be aware that there is a satellite meeting on Xenopus genomics beginning on the afternoon of Sept 12. The program is attached.

Call for content

Xine could be used to disseminate information and
protocols of general utility to the research community. In order for
this to occur, please send any such contributions to the editor who
will include them in a future (or special) issue of Xine.
If you wish to read Xine in html format and/or see back issues,
they are available at the following places
Links to useful sources of information for Xenopus (in no particular order)

general interest and utility Trans NIH Xenopus initiative - Harland lab X. tropicalis site - Grainger lab X. tropicalis site - Amy Sater's X. tropicalis genetic map - Information on the X. tropicalis listserver - Troplist archives. Lots of good information here. - Peter Vize's Xenopus �ber database - Zimmerman Lab X. tropicalis website, database of mutants

genomic resources  - XDB at NIBB - Naoto Ueno's X. laevis EST database - Xenopus gene collection   - full length collection at the Gurdon Institute   - JGI X. tropicalis genome site with browser and other info AXELDB - Christof Niehrs' Xenopus database

Subscription information

I have constructed the Xine mailing list from serveral sources. As
always, if you are not on the list and wish to be, want to update your
e-mail address or would rather not receive it at all, please contact
Bruce Blumberg (

Until next time,