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Xine Volume 4 supplement 1

Xine Volume 4 supplement 1

Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to Xine, the source for Xenopus news and information. Here's what's happening...

A reminder from Don Brown regarding sequencing the X. laevis genome. Please remember how important letters or e-mails indicating support are to the process...

Dear Colleagues,

About 2 weeks ago I urged you to support an application to JGI to sequence the Xenopus laevis genome. There has been a gratifying response. The deadline is February 20. Again I ask those of you who use laevis and would benefit from its sequencing at least to acknowledge this in an e-mail in the next two weeks ( I will compile a list of all supporters and numbers will be helpful. Simply affirm your support and give your full name, title and affiliation. Of course if you want to explain how it will help your research please do so.

Thanks in advance.


Donald D. Brown
Carnegie Institution of Washington
115 W. University Parkway
Baltimore, MD 21210

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