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Xine Volume 2 Issue 3 July 2002

XINE v2 issue 3

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to XINE, a Xenopus newsletter intended to disseminate information to the field at large. Currently, the newsletter is distributed whenever there is news to report. A monthly or bi-weekly format would be preferable but this depends on contributions of information from Xenopus investigators (not much coming in so far). If you have anything that you would like the community to be aware of, please e-mail the editor, Bruce Blumberg ( who will include it in the next newsletter.


A reminder that papers for the special Xenopus issue of Developmental Dynamics should be submitted by August 1, 2002. Please contact one of the editors if this is a problem. Publication will be in December, 2002. The issue promises to be a full and interesting one, with numerous review and research articles, and a perspective by John Gurdon. Limited space is available for additional research papers, both in the full and Brief Communication format. Additionally, announcements of general interest to the community may be posted. Instructions to authors can be found in the journal or at:

For further information, please contact any of the following editors:
Hazel Sive (
Paul Goetinck (Editor-in-Chief) ( or
Rolf Kemler (International Editor) (

For review article information, please contact John Fallon (


21-25 August 2002 Homerton College, Cambridge, England We are all looking forward to the upcoming Xenopus meeting in Cambridge. The conference program is now online


New stains, reagents and probes!

Professor Jacques Robert has added a page containing immunology-oriented information on Xenopus, including stains and species, as well as reagents (mAbs, and molecular probes) available. You can find it here:

Xenopus Relational Database

Peter Vize has just hired a full time database expert, Jeff Bowes, to begin building a full-fledged relational database for Xenopus research. Jeff can be contacted at

They have posted a database survey at

This survey is very important to prioritize features for the database and to focus on what the community wants. The current plan is to adapt the zebrafish database, zfin, to frog use. The database will be managed and content chosen by a group of Xenopus researchers. Anyone wishing to volunteer should contact Peter at

Subscription information

I have constructed the Xine mailing list from serveral sources. As always, if you are not on the list and wish to be, want to update your e-mail address or would rather not receive it at all, please contact Bruce Blumberg (

Until next time. Bruce