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XINE v2 issue 2

XINE v2 issue 2 – May 2002

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to XINE, a Xenopus newsletter intended to disseminate information to the field at large. Currently, the newsletter is distributed whenever there is news to report. A monthly or bi-weekly format would be preferable but this depends on contributions of information from Xenopus investigators (not much coming in so far). If you have anything that you would like the community to be aware of, please e-mail the editor, Bruce Blumberg ( who will include it in the next newsletter.

Xenopus tropicalis satellite meeting

For those of you who are planning to go to the International Xenopus Meeting in Cambridge this August, we would like to draw your attention to a one day meeting on the 21st devoted to discussions of the current state of Genomics and Genetics Resources for Xenopus.  Please contact Enrique Amaya if you would like to come to this meeting.

Dr. Enrique Amaya
Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Institute
Tennis Court Road
Cambridge  CB2 1QR
(01223) 334 195 (office)
(01223/ 334 089 (fax)

Meeting web site

9th International Xenopus meeting Cambridge UK August 21-25, 2002

Please note that the registration deadline is today, May 20, 2002. If you wish to attend this important meeting, please register ASAP at

Subscription information

I have constructed the Xine mailing list from serveral sources. As always, if you are not on the list and wish to be, want to update your e-mail address or would rather not receive it at all, please contact Bruce Blumberg (

Until next time.