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Xine Volume 13 - Issue 5, June 2013

4th International Developmental Biology Course

Attachments: AfficheBioDev2013.pdf
Dear Xenope community,

I would like to draw your attention on the 4th International
Developmental Biology Course organized by Institut Curie and UPMC.

You will find attached to this mail a short text describing the course
and the poster of the course.

I hope you will be very interested by this exceptional course.

Kindest regards,

Sophie Ajjan

Xenopus PI Meetin August 23-25

Dear Xenopus PIs,

Registration for the upcoming Xenopus PI meeting at the MBL in Woods Hole from August 23 -25 is now open ( ). This meeting follows on the success of the previous PI meetings. The focus of this meeting is for Principal Investigators in the Xenopus community, with the goal being discussions around resource development, strategic planning and ways to continue to strengthen the Xenopus community. We will have numerous presentations/discussions of emerging technologies and advances in resources of importance to the field. Additionally, it is of tremendous importance that we project the strength of the Xenopus community to the broader scientific world. A strong showing at this meeting will impress our funding sources as to the commitment of our community to Xenopus as a model system. We will discuss what we can do to improve the reputation, respect and fundability of Xenopus research and we will work together to define priorities for the community moving forward.

The meeting will be held all day Saturday and half day Sunday . We have already identified individuals with important resource driven projects to present their findings at this meeting. However, if you feel that your work represents a significant technical advance for the field and/or provides an important resource for the entire community and would like to give a presentation then please submit an abstract to Xenopus at . We have kept the cost of this meeting as low as possible ($365 for single, $265 for double for two nights room and board).

We encourage all PIs to attend this meeting as it provides a smaller venue for detailed discussions about the Xenopus community and the development of important resources currently lacking in Xenopus. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us. We look forward to seeing you in August.

Sincerely y our organizers,

Brian Mitchell (Northwestern University)

Marko Horb (NXR, MBL)

Marko Horb, Ph.D.
Director, National Xenopus Resource (NXR)
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Email: xenopus at
Office: 508-289-7627
Lab: 508-289-7370
Cell: 508-564-3764