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How to Search Phenotypes

Simply start typing in the Phenotype Search box. The default setting for a simple phenotype search is search ‘All’. Automated text matching will suggest terms from curated phenotypes that use anatomy terms, Xenopus gene list, and Disease names. Either mouse over and click to select a suggested term from the auto-suggest menu or click the Search button. Enter any of these words or partial words:

Fig.1. Matches to a searched term (e.g. heart) are highlighted in yellow, and match both anatomical phenotypes, like 'abnormal heart looping', and manual expression phenotypes (manual expression) in the 'heart' or a part of the developing 'heart'. Similarly, genes (e.g. ap2m1) that were manipulated to affect heart phenotypes are also returned. Click the Search button to return all matches for 'heart' or mouse-over to choose a specific term or a Gene (manipulated) such as, abnormal heart morphology' or 'fzd7'.

Too many results? Too few results?

Choose a Category from the options on the left, then enter your query word and hit enter/return or search button, or you can mouse down to choose a match from the drop down suggestions. This will filter all results to just those matches in the chosen category.

Gene (manipulated): Use official gene symbols only (e.g., tbxt, pitx1, lhx1) to find:

Gene (assayed):

Anatomical Phenotype:

Expression Phenotype:



Xenopus Phenotype Ontology (XPO)