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Submitting data to Xenbase

Xenbase welcomes community submission of both raw and processed data. Raw data is archived on our data download site and is open for download to the public. Processed data, such as images and annotations of gene expression patterns, are also very welcome and will be integrated into the database. To submit data please contact us at and we will facilitate your submission.

Examples of raw data that we already host on our data download site include genome methylation patterns, collections of DNA and protein sequences, next generation sequencing, etc.

For gene expression data we provide a spreadsheet template and detailed instructions at:

Community data plays an essential role in Xenbase content. In addition to strengthening a community resource, your data is also easily accessible to the broader community and avoids the need for you to host and distribute data locally. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,
Xenbase Staff