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Figure 5. Cross-section analysis of the spatial expression patterns of the fgf7 and fgf9 subfamilies. Coronal sections of the indicated fgfs from the whole mount in situ hybridisations shown in Figure 4. The black lines indicate the position of the sections shown; when multiple sections are shown numbers correspond to the appropriate black line and, therefore, the section's position on the embryo. In all sections, dorsal is up and ventral is down.

Image published in: Lea R et al. (2009)

Copyright © 2009. Image reproduced with permission of the Publisher, John Wiley & Sons.

fgf20XFGF-20, xfgf20X. tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28 to NF stage 40tail bud
neural tube
branchial arch
otic vesicle
stomodeal-hypophyseal primordium
fgf10fgf-10X. tropicalisThroughout NF stage 23otic placode
fgf3fgf-3, INT-2, int-2, xfgf3X. tropicalisThroughout NF stage 35 and 36tail bud
neural tube
branchial arch
otic vesicle
midbrain-hindbrain boundary
fgf7kgfX. tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28 to NF stage 40branchial arch
fgf10fgf-10X. tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28otic vesicle
fgf10fgf-10X. tropicalisThroughout NF stage 35 and 36branchial arch
otic vesicle

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