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Antibody Name: Ect2 Ab1

Common Name: anti-ECT2

RRID: AB_10805932
Synonyms: 07-1364

Gene: ect2
XAO: mitotic spindle

Clone Type: Polyclonal
Source: EMD Millipore

Clone Number
Purification Affinity Purification
Isotype isotype unknown
Host Organism rabbit
Xenopus Reactivity X. laevis
Non-Xenopus Reactivity cow, human, monkey, mouse, rat
Description: Supplied by Millipore, cat number 07-1364, Epithelial cell-transforming sequence 2 oncogene (ECT2) is a guanine nucleotide exchange factor or GEF that belongs to the Dbl family of Rho GEFs. ECT2 to localize to both the cell cortex and central spindles, and that it is a crucial part of cleavage furrow formation during cytokenisis.
Name ect2
Type synthetic sequence
Post Translational Modifications None
Source Organism human
Description KLH-conjugated linear peptide corresponding to human ECT2 at the C-terminus.
Reported Usage
western blot
First: Adherens junctions are involved in polarized contractile ring formation in dividing epithelial cells of Xenopus laevis embryos., Exp Cell Res 2021  
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