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Antibody Name: Th Ab2

Common Name: Tyrosine Hydroxylase

RRID: AB_390204
Synonyms: AB152, Tyrosine 3-hydroxylase , anti-Th

Gene: th
XAO: brain, neuron

Clone Type: Polyclonal
Source: Sigma-Aldrich

Clone Number
Isotype isotype unknown
Host Organism rabbit
Xenopus Reactivity X. tropicalis, X. laevis
Non-Xenopus Reactivity fruitfly, human, mouse, rat
Description: Millipore (Chemicon). Catalog reference: AB152. Tyrosine hydroxylase plays an important role in the physiology of adrenergic neurons. It is the first and rate-limiting enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of the catecholamines Dopamine and Norepinephrine from tyrosine. TH is, therefore, a useful marker for dopaminergic and noradrenergic neurons.
Name th
Type polypeptide
Post Translational Modifications None
Source Organism frog
Reported Usage
immunofluorescence 1:1000 in XB-ART-47852
First: Expression of a novel serine/threonine kinase gene, Ulk4, in neural progenitors during Xenopus laevis forebrain development., Neuroscience 2015    
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