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Antibody Name: IgY Ab1

Common Name: 11D5

Synonyms: 11D5

XAO: B cell
Other: Ig v

Clone Type: Monoclonal
Source: Xenopus laevis Research Resource for Immunobiology

Clone Number 11D5
Purification obsolete soluble fraction
Isotype IgG1
Host Organism mouse
Xenopus Reactivity X. tropicalis, X. laevis
Non-Xenopus Reactivity
Description: Xenopus laevis research resource for immunobiology, generated by Du Pasquier lab
Name IgY
Type polypeptide
Post Translational Modifications None
Source Organism frog
Description Xenopus immunoglobulin heavy chain, Protein A purified X. laevis Ig, Specific for IgY+ B cells in Xenopus tadpoles and adults and for IgY (IgG functional equivalent) protein secreted in the blood and peritoneal fluid
Reported Usage
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
western blot
flow cytometry
First: Studies on Xenopus immunoglobulins using monoclonal antibodies., Mol Immunol 1984  
Most recent: Immune defenses against Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, a fungus linked to global amphibian declines, in the South African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis., Infect Immun 2010  
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