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Antibody Name: Myh7 Ab5

Common Name: BA-F8

RRID: AB_10572253
Synonyms: Slow Myosin Heavy Chain AB1

Gene: myh7
Other: alpha,beta slow myosin heavy chain

Clone Type: Monoclonal
Source: Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank

Clone Number BA-F8
Isotype IgG2b
Host Organism mouse
Xenopus Reactivity X. tropicalis, X. laevis
Non-Xenopus Reactivity human, mouse, rat
Description: This antibody may recognize more than one myosin isoform depending on the tissue, developmental stage, or species. The gene, Uniprot ID and gene ID associated with this mAb are not exclusive. Recognizes type 1 fibers (alpha- and beta-slow MyHC) in skeletal muscle. Deposited to DSHB by S Schiaffino, University of Padova. Citation: (DSHB Cat# BA-F8, RRID:AB_10572253). Please email citation to DSHB.
Name Myosin
Type polypeptide
Post Translational Modifications None
Source Organism Other
Description Purified myosin from adult bovine atrium.
Reported Usage
western blot
First: Neonatal myosin heavy chains are not expressed in Ni-induced rat rhabdomyosarcoma., Differentiation 1988  
Most recent: Stabilization of speckle-type POZ protein (Spop) by Daz interacting protein 1 (Dzip1) is essential for Gli turnover and the proper output of Hedgehog signaling., J Biol Chem 2013                  
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