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Antibody Name: Smad2 Ab4

Common Name: phospho Smad2

Synonyms: #3101, 3101 , Smad2 465/467, pSMAD2/3

Gene: smad2

Clone Type: Polyclonal
Source: Cell Signaling Technology

Clone Number
Purification Affinity Purification
Isotype isotype unknown
Host Organism rabbit
Xenopus Reactivity X. tropicalis, X. laevis
Non-Xenopus Reactivity chicken, human, mouse, rat, zebrafish
Description: Supplied by Cell Signalling Technology, cat# 3101. synonyms:JV18, JV18-1, MAD homolog 2, MAD, mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 2, MADH2, MADR2, MGC22139, MGC34440, Mad protein homolog, Mad-related protein 2, Mothers against DPP homolog 2, Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 2, SMAD 2, SMAD family member 2, SMAD, mothers against DPP homolog 2, SMAD2, Sma- and Mad-related protein 2, hMAD-2, hSMAD2, mother against DPP homolog 2,
Name human smad2
Type synthetic sequence
Post Translational Modifications Phosphorylated
Source Organism frog
Description Ser465/467. Antibody detects endogenous levels of Smad2 only when dually phosphorylated at Ser465 and Ser467, and may detect phosphorylated Smad3 at its equivalent site. This antibody does not cross-react with other Smad-related proteins.
Reported Usage
western blot
First: XPACE4 is a localized pro-protein convertase required for mesoderm induction and the cleavage of specific TGFbeta proteins in Xenopus development., Development 2005                        
Most recent: A transgenic reporter under control of an es1 promoter/enhancer marks wound epidermis and apical epithelial cap during tail regeneration in Xenopus laevis tadpole., Dev Biol 2018                      
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