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Antibody Name: Lsamp Ab1

Common Name: LAMP

RRID: AB_2138210
Synonyms: 2G9, LAMP, Xenopus 2G9

Gene: lsamp
XAO: brain, neuron

Clone Type: Monoclonal
Source: Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank

Clone Number 2G9
Isotype IgG2a
Host Organism mouse
Xenopus Reactivity X. tropicalis, X. laevis
Non-Xenopus Reactivity cow, human, monkey, mouse, rabbit, zebrafish
Description: This ab is used as a neural marker. 2G9 first appears throughout the hindbrain at NF stage 35/36, By NF stage 40/41, 2G9 immunoreactivity is present in clusters of cells, at the ventricular surface, and outlying neuropil regions. Subsequently, 2G9 immunoreactivity becomes more defined in cells that appear to be localized to rhombomeric centers (ventricular concavities), but not in cells at rhombomeric boundaries (ventricular convexities). See figure 2 in XB-ART-3863.
Name Hippocampal Membrane
Type homogenized tissue
Post Translational Modifications Glycosylation
Source Organism Other
Description rat hippocampal crude membrane preparation, GPI-anchored glycoprotein
Reported Usage
western blot
First: The development of an assay to detect mRNAs that affect early development., Development 1987  
Most recent: Retinoid signalling is required for information transfer from mesoderm to neuroectoderm during gastrulation., Int J Dev Biol 2010                  
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