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ATP1A3 Disease Spectrum Includes Paroxysmal Weakness and Encephalopathy Not Triggered by Fever., Immanneni C, Calame D, Jiao S, Emrick LT, Holmgren M, Yano ST., Neurol Genet. June 1, 2024; 10 (3): e200150.

A time-resolved single-cell roadmap of the logic driving anterior neural crest diversification from neural border to migration stages., Kotov A, Seal S, Alkobtawi M, Kappès V, Ruiz SM, Arbès H, Harland RM, Peshkin L, Monsoro-Burq AH., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. May 7, 2024; 121 (19): e2311685121.

A loss-of-function mutation in KCNJ11 causing sulfonylurea-sensitive diabetes in early adult life., Vedovato N, Salguero MV, Greeley SAW, Yu CH, Philipson LH, Ashcroft FM., Diabetologia. May 1, 2024; 67 (5): 940-951.          

Amphibian host-defense peptides with potential for Type 2 diabetes therapy - an updated review., Conlon JM, Owolabi BO, Flatt PR, Abdel-Wahab YHA., Peptides. May 1, 2024; 175 171180.  

Assessing the impact of antiviral drugs commonly utilized during the COVID-19 pandemic on the embryonic development of Xenopus laevis., Laçin C, Turhan DO, Güngördü A., J Hazard Mater. April 27, 2024; 472 134462.

A new atlas to study embryonic cell types in Xenopus., Petrova K, Tretiakov M, Kotov A, Monsoro-Burq AH, Peshkin L., Dev Biol. April 11, 2024;

A novel SMARCC1 BAFopathy implicates neural progenitor epigenetic dysregulation in human hydrocephalus., Singh AK, Allington G, Viviano S, McGee S, Kiziltug E, Ma S, Zhao S, Mekbib KY, Shohfi JP, Duy PQ, DeSpenza T, Furey CG, Reeves BC, Smith H, Sousa AMM, Cherskov A, Allocco A, Nelson-Williams C, Haider S, Rizvi SRA, Alper SL, Sestan N, Shimelis H, Walsh LK, Lifton RP, Moreno-De-Luca A, Jin SC, Kruszka P, Deniz E, Kahle KT., Brain. April 4, 2024; 147 (4): 1553-1570.

A fractionation-based protocol to investigate RNA solubility phase transition during Xenopus oocyte maturation., Hwang H, Ma M, Yang J., STAR Protoc. March 15, 2024; 5 (1): 102830.        

A mechanistic model of primer synthesis from catalytic structures of DNA polymerase α-primase., Mullins EA, Salay LE, Durie CL, Bradley NP, Jackman JE, Ohi MD, Chazin WJ, Eichman BF., Nat Struct Mol Biol. March 15, 2024;

Advancements in the use of xenopus oocytes for modelling neurological disease for novel drug discovery., O'Connor EC, Kambara K, Bertrand D., Expert Opin Drug Discov. February 1, 2024; 19 (2): 173-187.      

A CRISPR-Cas9-mediated versatile method for targeted integration of a fluorescent protein gene to visualize endogenous gene expression in Xenopus laevis., Mochii M, Akizuki K, Ossaka H, Kagawa N, Umesono Y, Suzuki KT., Dev Biol. February 1, 2024; 506 42-51.                                

Awakening adult neural stem cells: NOX signalling as a positive regulator of the quiescence-to-proliferation transition in the Xenopus retina., Donval A, Hernandez Puente CV, Lainé A, Roman D, Vessely R, Leclercq J, Perron M, Locker M., Development. January 15, 2024; 151 (2):

A minimally invasive procedure for blood extraction from Xenopus laevis allows follow up studies without euthanasia., Jessica CG, Buendía-González L, Ruiz-Gómez ML, Carla GM., J Appl Anim Welf Sci. January 1, 2024; 27 (1): 192-199.

Adipose tissue derived stem cell secretome induces motor and histological gains after complete spinal cord injury in Xenopus laevis and mice., Assunção-Silva RC, Pinho A, Cibrão JR, Pereira IM, Monteiro S, Silva NA, Campos J, Rebelo AL, Schlosser G, Pinto L, Pandit A, Salgado AJ., J Tissue Eng. January 1, 2024; 15 20417314231203824.              

A maternal dorsoventral prepattern revealed by an asymmetric distribution of ventralizing molecules before fertilization in Xenopus laevis., Castro Colabianchi AM, González Pérez NG, Franchini LF, López SL., Front Cell Dev Biol. January 1, 2024; 12 1365705.                

Antagonistic regulation of homeologous uncx.L and uncx.S genes orchestrates myotome and sclerotome differentiation in the evolutionarily divergent vertebral column of Xenopus laevis., Sánchez RS, Lazarte MA, Abdala VSL, Sánchez SS., J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol. December 28, 2023;

A Na pump with reduced stoichiometry is up-regulated by brine shrimp in extreme salinities., Artigas P, Meyer DJ, Young VC, Spontarelli K, Eastman J, Strandquist E, Rui H, Roux B, Birk MA, Nakanishi H, Abe K, Gatto C., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. December 26, 2023; 120 (52): e2313999120.        

An archetype and scaling of developmental tissue dynamics across species., Morishita Y, Lee SW, Suzuki T, Yokoyama H, Kamei Y, Tamura K, Kawasumi-Kita A., Nat Commun. December 11, 2023; 14 (1): 8199.                              

Age-associated DNA methylation changes in Xenopus frogs., Morselli M, Bennett R, Shaidani NI, Horb M, Peshkin L, Pellegrini M., Epigenetics. December 1, 2023; 18 (1): 2201517.                    

An interview with Jonathan Slack., , Development. December 1, 2023; 150 (23):

Activation of neurokinin-III receptors modulates human atrial TASK-1 currents., Wiedmann F, Paasche A, Nietfeld J, Kraft M, Meyer AL, Warnecke G, Karck M, Frey N, Schmidt C., J Mol Cell Cardiol. November 1, 2023; 184 26-36.

Addition of exogenous diacylglycerol enhances Wnt/β-catenin signaling through stimulation of macropinocytosis., Azbazdar Y, Tejeda-Munoz N, Monka JC, Dayrit A, Binder G, Ozhan G, De Robertis EM., iScience. October 20, 2023; 26 (10): 108075.                

A cyclin-dependent kinase-mediated phosphorylation switch of disordered protein condensation., Valverde JM, Dubra G, Phillips M, Haider A, Elena-Real C, Fournet A, Alghoul E, Chahar D, Andrés-Sanchez N, Paloni M, Bernadó P, van Mierlo G, Vermeulen M, van den Toorn H, Heck AJR, Constantinou A, Barducci A, Ghosh K, Sibille N, Knipscheer P, Krasinska L, Fisher D, Altelaar M., Nat Commun. October 9, 2023; 14 (1): 6316.                                      

A new peptide, VD11, promotes structural and functional recovery after spinal cord injury., Li SS, Zhang BY, Yin SG, Wei ZQ, Liu NX, Li YL, Wang SY, Shi YH, Zhao J, Wang LJ, Zhang Y, Sun J, Wang Y, Yang XW., Neural Regen Res. October 1, 2023; 18 (10): 2260-2267.                  

Adverse Effect of Metallic Gold and Silver Nanoparticles on Xenopus laevis Embryogenesis., Carotenuto R, Tussellino M, Fusco S, Benvenuto G, Formiggini F, Avallone B, Motta CM, Fogliano C, Netti PA., Nanomaterials (Basel). September 4, 2023; 13 (17):                   

Amphibian myelopoiesis., Yaparla A, Stern DB, Hossainey MRH, Crandall KA, Grayfer L., Dev Comp Immunol. September 1, 2023; 146 104701.

Adverse effects and potential mechanisms of fluxapyroxad in Xenopus laevis on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism., Zhao Y, Jiao F, Tang T, Wu S, Wang F, Zhao X., Environ Pollut. September 1, 2023; 332 121710.              

Advances in the Xenopus immunome: Diversification, expansion, and contraction., Dimitrakopoulou D, Khwatenge CN, James-Zorn C, Paiola M, Bellin EW, Tian Y, Sundararaj N, Polak EJ, Grayfer L, Barnard D, Ohta Y, Horb M, Sang Y, Robert J., Dev Comp Immunol. August 1, 2023; 145 104734.    

A Variety of Fungal Species on the Green Frogs' Skin (Pelophylax esculentus complex) in South Banat., Stupar M, Savković Ž, Breka K, Stamenković S, Krizmanić I, Vukojević J, Grbić ML., Microb Ecol. August 1, 2023; 86 (2): 859-871.

A perspective into the relationships between amphibian (Xenopus laevis) myeloid cell subsets., Hossainey MRH, Hauser KA, Garvey CN, Kalia N, Garvey JM, Grayfer L., Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. July 31, 2023; 378 (1882): 20220124.

Amphibian infection tolerance to chytridiomycosis., Grogan LF, Mangan MJ, McCallum HI., Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. July 31, 2023; 378 (1882): 20220133.          

Amphibian pore-forming protein βγ-CAT drives metabolite release from small extracellular vesicles through channel formation., Wang QQ, Lan XQ, Wei XS, Xu SM, Liu LZ, Bian XL, Zeng L, Guo XL, Guo YQ, Lee WH, Xiang Y, Zhang Y., Zool Res. July 18, 2023; 44 (4): 739-742.        

A new species of Nanohyla (Anura: Microhylidae) from the lowland forests of southern Vietnam., Gorin VA, Trofimets AV, Gogoleva SS, Dac LX, Poyarkov NA., Zool Res. July 18, 2023; 44 (4): 732-736.        

A mild and transient form of autosomal recessive pseudohypoaldosteronism type 1 caused by a novel mutation in the SCNN1A gene., Efthymiadou A, Gautschi I, van Bemmelen MX, Sertedaki A, Giannakopoulos A, Chrousos G, Schild L, Chrysis D., Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. July 1, 2023; 325 (1): E1-E9.

Atorvastatin Exerts More Selective Inhibitory Effects on hMCT2 than on hMCT1 and hMCT4., Yamaguchi A, Mukai Y, Sakuma T, Furugen A, Narumi K, Kobayashi M., Anticancer Res. July 1, 2023; 43 (7): 3015-3022.

A potential cost of evolving epibatidine resistance in poison frogs., York JM, Borghese CM, George AA, Cannatella DC, Zakon HH., BMC Biol. June 28, 2023; 21 (1): 144.

Acentrosomal spindles assemble from branching microtubule nucleation near chromosomes in Xenopus laevis egg extract., Gouveia B, Setru SU, King MR, Hamlin A, Stone HA, Shaevitz JW, Petry S., Nat Commun. June 21, 2023; 14 (1): 3696.

An innovative index to incorporate transcriptomic data into weight of evidence approaches for environmental risk assessment., Cecchetto M, Peruzza L, Giubilato E, Bernardini I, Rovere GD, Marcomini A, Regoli F, Bargelloni L, Patarnello T, Semenzin E, Milan M., Environ Res. June 15, 2023; 227 115745.          

Association of novel mutation in TRPV4 with familial nonsyndromic craniosynostosis with complete penetrance and variable expressivity., Gayden T, Crevier-Sorbo G, Jawhar W, Saint-Martin C, Eveleigh R, Gilardino MS, Anastasio N, Trakadis Y, Bassenden AV, Berghuis AM, Jabado N, Dudley RWR., J Neurosurg Pediatr. June 1, 2023; 31 (6): 584-592.

Augmin is a Ran-regulated spindle assembly factor., Kraus J, Travis SM, King MR, Petry S., J Biol Chem. June 1, 2023; 299 (6): 104736.            

Activation of P53 pathway contributes to Xenopus hybrid inviability., Shi Z, Liu G, Jiang H, Shi S, Zhang X, Deng Y, Chen Y., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. May 23, 2023; 120 (21): e2303698120.

APE1 recruits ATRIP to ssDNA in an RPA-dependent and -independent manner to promote the ATR DNA damage response., Lin Y, Li J, Zhao H, McMahon A, McGhee K, Yan S., Elife. May 22, 2023; 12

A neolignan from Connarus tuberosus as an allosteric GABAA receptor modulator at the neurosteroid binding site., Faleschini T, Syafni N, Schulte HL, Garifulina A, Hering S, Espindola LS, Hamburger M., Biomed Pharmacother. May 1, 2023; 161 114498.    

An Amphibian Metamorphosis Assay Dietary Restriction Study: Lessons for Data Interpretation., Marini JP, Wolf JC, Mingo V, Sayers LE, Jamieson SY, Wheeler JR., Environ Toxicol Chem. May 1, 2023; 42 (5): 1061-1074.          

A consensus phosphoserine within the large cytoplasmic loop of insect nAChR α8 subunits modulated interaction between 14-3-3ε and nAChRs to regulate neonicotinoid efficacy., Sun H, Lin X, Zhang H, Zhang Y, Liu Z., Pestic Biochem Physiol. May 1, 2023; 192 105384.

Amphibian Dermatology., Chai N., Vet Clin North Am Exot Anim Pract. May 1, 2023; 26 (2): 425-442.

A single-cell, time-resolved profiling of Xenopus mucociliary epithelium reveals nonhierarchical model of development., Lee J, Møller AF, Chae S, Bussek A, Park TJ, Kim Y, Lee HS, Pers TH, Kwon T, Sedzinski J, Natarajan KN., Sci Adv. April 7, 2023; 9 (14): eadd5745.                                                          

A comparison of amphibian (Xenopus laevis) tadpole and adult frog macrophages., Hossainey MRH, Yaparla A, Uzzaman Z, Moore T, Grayfer L., Dev Comp Immunol. April 1, 2023; 141 104647.      

A novel SMARCC1 -mutant BAFopathy implicates epigenetic dysregulation of neural progenitors in hydrocephalus., Singh AK, Viviano S, Allington G, McGee S, Kiziltug E, Mekbib KY, Shohfi JP, Duy PQ, DeSpenza T, Furey CG, Reeves BC, Smith H, Ma S, Sousa AMM, Cherskov A, Allocco A, Nelson-Williams C, Haider S, Rizvi SRA, Alper SL, Sestan N, Shimelis H, Walsh LK, Lifton RP, Moreno-De-Luca A, Jin SC, Kruszka P, Deniz E, Kahle KT., medRxiv. March 20, 2023;

Automated multi-sample DNA extraction for genotyping live Xenopus embryos., Alles N, Guille M, Górecki DC., Dev Dyn. March 1, 2023; 252 (3): 429-438.                        

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