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Sci Rep 2022 Feb 03;121:1903. doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-05954-w.
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Xenopus laevis il11ra.L is an experimentally proven interleukin-11 receptor component that is required for tadpole tail regeneration.

Suzuki S , Sasaki K , Fukazawa T , Kubo T .

Xenopus laevis tadpoles possess high regenerative ability and can regenerate functional tails after amputation. An early event in regeneration is the induction of undifferentiated cells that form the regenerated tail. We previously reported that interleukin-11 (il11) is upregulated immediately after tail amputation to induce undifferentiated cells of different cell lineages, indicating a key role of il11 in initiating tail regeneration. As Il11 is a secretory factor, Il11 receptor-expressing cells are thought to mediate its function. X. laevis has a gene annotated as interleukin 11 receptor subunit alpha on chromosome 1L (il11ra.L), a putative subunit of the Il11 receptor complex, but its function has not been investigated. Here, we show that nuclear localization of phosphorylated Stat3 induced by Il11 is abolished in il11ra.L knocked-out culture cells, strongly suggesting that il11ra.L encodes an Il11 receptor component. Moreover, knockdown of il11ra.L impaired tadpole tail regeneration, suggesting its indispensable role in tail regeneration. We also provide a model showing that Il11 functions via il11ra.L-expressing cells in a non-cell autonomous manner. These results highlight the importance of il11ra.L-expressing cells in tail regeneration.

PubMed ID: 35115663
Article link: Sci Rep

Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: dcbld2 eef1a2 fgfrl1 hpse il11ra il6st jak1 jak2 lif lifr pam stat3.2 wnt5a
GO keywords: interleukin-11 receptor activity [+]
Antibodies: pStat3 (Tyr705) Ab1
gRNAs referenced: il11ra gRNA1 il11ra gRNA2

Phenotypes: Xla Wt + il11ra CRISPR (Fig. 2 A r1c3, BCDEFG)

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References [+] :
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