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Dev Dyn 2021 Aug 01;2508:1096-1112. doi: 10.1002/dvdy.313.
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Retinol binding protein 1 affects Xenopus anterior neural development via all-trans retinoic acid signaling.

Flach H , Basten T , Schreiner C , Dietmann P , Greco S , Nies L , Roßmanith N , Walter S , Kühl M , Kühl SJ .

BACKGROUND: Retinol binding protein 1 (Rbp1) acts as an intracellular regulator of vitamin A metabolism and retinoid transport. In mice, Rbp1 deficiency decreases the capacity of hepatic stellate cells to take up all-trans retinol and sustain retinyl ester stores. Furthermore, Rbp1 is crucial for visual capacity. Although the function of Rbp1 has been studied in the mature eye, its role during early anterior neural development has not yet been investigated in detail. RESULTS: We showed that rbp1 is expressed in the eye, anterior neural crest cells (NCCs) and prosencephalon of the South African clawed frog Xenopus laevis. Rbp1 knockdown led to defects in eye formation, including microphthalmia and disorganized retinal lamination, and to disturbed induction and differentiation of the eye field, as shown by decreased rax and pax6 expression. Furthermore, it resulted in reduced rax expression in the prosencephalon and affected cranial cartilage. Rbp1 inhibition also interfered with neural crest induction and migration, as shown by twist and slug. Moreover, it led to a significant reduction of the all-trans retinoic acid target gene pitx2 in NCC-derived periocular mesenchyme. The Rbp1 knockdown phenotypes were rescued by pitx2 RNA co-injection. CONCLUSION: Rbp1 is crucial for the development of the anterior neural tissue.

PubMed ID: 33570783
Article link: Dev Dyn

Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: cyp26a1 foxc1 nosip pax6 pitx2 pou1f1 pou4f1 prox1 rab40b rax rbp1 rho rho.2 rpe rxra slc12a3 snai1 snai2 sox3 stra6 twist1 vsx1
Morpholinos: rbp1 MO1 rbp1 MO2

Disease Ontology terms: microphthalmia [+]
Phenotypes: Xla Wt + rbp1 MO1 [+]

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