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Dev Biol 2017 Oct 01;4301:188-201. doi: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2017.07.020.
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hmmr mediates anterior neural tube closure and morphogenesis in the frog Xenopus.

Prager A , Hagenlocher C , Ott T , Schambony A , Feistel K .

Development of the central nervous system requires orchestration of morphogenetic processes which drive elevation and apposition of the neural folds and their fusion into a neural tube. The newly formed tube gives rise to the brain in anterior regions and continues to develop into the spinal cord posteriorly. Conspicuous differences between the anterior and posterior neural tube become visible already during neural tube closure (NTC). Planar cell polarity (PCP)-mediated convergent extension (CE) movements are restricted to the posterior neural plate, i.e. hindbrain and spinal cord, where they propagate neural fold apposition. The lack of CE in the anterior neural plate correlates with a much slower mode of neural fold apposition anteriorly. The morphogenetic processes driving anterior NTC have not been addressed in detail. Here, we report a novel role for the breast cancer susceptibility gene and microtubule (MT) binding protein Hmmr (Hyaluronan-mediated motility receptor, RHAMM) in anterior neurulation and forebrain development in Xenopus laevis. Loss of hmmr function resulted in a lack of telencephalic hemisphere separation, arising from defective roof plate formation, which in turn was caused by impaired neural tissue narrowing. hmmr regulated polarization of neural cells, a function which was dependent on the MT binding domains. hmmr cooperated with the core PCP component vangl2 in regulating cell polarity and neural morphogenesis. Disrupted cell polarization and elongation in hmmr and vangl2 morphants prevented radial intercalation (RI), a cell behavior essential for neural morphogenesis. Our results pinpoint a novel role of hmmr in anterior neural development and support the notion that RI is a major driving force for anterior neurulation and forebrain morphogenesis.

PubMed ID: 28778799
Article link: Dev Biol

Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: hmmr mapre1 not ptch1 shh tuba4b tubal3.1 tubg1 vangl2
Antibodies: Mapre1 Ab1 Tuba4b Ab2 Tuba4b Ab4 Tubg1 Ab4 hmmr Ab1
Morpholinos: hmmr MO1 hmmr MO2 vangl2 MO5 vangl2 MO6

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