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Dev Biol 1983 Aug 01;2852:235-8.
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A cell surface determinant expressed early on migrating avian neural crest cells.

Vincent M , Duband JL , Thiery JP .

We have produced monoclonal antibodies against quail ciliary ganglion in an attempt to identify specific markers of this neural crest derivative. One of these antibodies, NC/1, recognizes supportive and neuronal cells of the peripheral nervous system and also most, if not all migrating neural crest cells. We report herein the use of NC/1 to identify crest cells during their migration to their site of final localization. In addition, this antibody may shed light on how the neural crest derived mesectoderm and the peripheral nervous system segregate from one another since the NC/1-defined antigen becomes restricted to the cells of the latter.

PubMed ID: 6193843

Antibodies: Neuronal Ab6