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Mech Dev 2006 Sep 01;1239:702-18. doi: 10.1016/j.mod.2006.04.006.
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Grainyhead-like 3, a transcription factor identified in a microarray screen, promotes the specification of the superficial layer of the embryonic epidermis.

Chalmers AD , Lachani K , Shin Y , Sherwood V , Cho KW , Papalopulu N .

The Xenopus ectoderm consists of two populations of cells, superficial polarised epithelial cells and deep, non-epithelial cells. These two cell types differ in their developmental fate. In the neural ectoderm, primary neurons are derived only from the deep cells. In the epidermal ectoderm, superficial cells express high levels of differentiation markers, while most of the deep cells do not differentiate until later when they produce the stratified adult epidermis. However, few molecular differences are known between the deep and superficial cells. Here, we have undertaken a systematic approach to identify genes that show layer-restricted expression by microarray analysis of deep and superficial cells at the gastrula stage, followed by wholemount in situ hybridisation. We have identified 32 differentially expressed genes, of which 26 show higher expression in the superficial layer and 6 in the deep layer and describe their expression at the gastrula and neurula stage. One of the identified genes is the transcription factor Grhl3, which we found to be expressed in the superficial layer of the gastrula ectoderm and the neurula epidermis. By using markers identified in this work, we show that Grlh3 promotes superficial gene expression in the deep layer of the epidermis. Concomitantly, deep layer specific genes are switched off, showing that Grlh3 can promote deep cells to take on a superficial cell identity in the embryonic epidermis.

PubMed ID: 16916602
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: acod1lb als2 apln cldn4 cnn2 cxcr4 eppk1 ern1 fkbp4 fkbp9 gnrh1 grhl3 guk1 has1 kirrel1 kirrel2 klf17 klf4 krt62 krt7 krt70 mt-tr nectin2 phyhdlb ptmap12 rab11fip4l rnd1 rnf222 satpb slc16a3 sox11 trna tsen54 tuba1cl.3 tubal3 tubb2b upk2 upk3a vgll4 XB5768883 znf750
Antibodies: Epidermis Ab1

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