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Dev Cell 2008 Aug 01;152:248-60. doi: 10.1016/j.devcel.2008.06.013.
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Crossveinless-2 Is a BMP feedback inhibitor that binds Chordin/BMP to regulate Xenopus embryonic patterning.

Ambrosio AL , Taelman VF , Lee HX , Metzinger CA , Coffinier C , De Robertis EM .

Vertebrate Crossveinless-2 (CV2) is a secreted protein that can potentiate or antagonize BMP signaling. Through embryological and biochemical experiments we find that: (1) CV2 functions as a BMP4 feedback inhibitor in ventral regions of the Xenopus embryo; (2) CV2 complexes with Twisted gastrulation and BMP4; (3) CV2 is not a substrate for tolloid proteinases; (4) CV2 binds to purified Chordin protein with high affinity (K(D) in the 1 nM range); (5) CV2 binds even more strongly to Chordin proteolytic fragments resulting from Tolloid digestion or to full-length Chordin/BMP complexes; (6) CV2 depletion causes the Xenopus embryo to become hypersensitive to the anti-BMP effects of Chordin overexpression or tolloid inhibition. We propose that the CV2/Chordin interaction may help coordinate BMP diffusion to the ventral side of the embryo, ensuring that BMPs liberated from Chordin inhibition by tolloid proteolysis cause peak signaling levels.

PubMed ID: 18694564
PMC ID: PMC2581521
Article link: Dev Cell
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Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: admp ag1 bmp1 bmp4 bmper cdx1 cdx2 chrd egr2 gsc otx2 rax six3 smad1 sox2 sox3 szl tal1 tbx2 tll1 tll2 twsg1 ventx1.2
Morpholinos: bmper MO1 bmper MO2 bmper MO3 chrd.1 MO1 chrd.1 MO2 twsg1 MO1 twsg1 MO2

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