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Dev Cell 2003 Feb 01;42:219-30. doi: 10.1016/s1534-5807(02)00404-5.
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Chordin is required for the Spemann organizer transplantation phenomenon in Xenopus embryos.

We analyzed the Chordin requirement in Xenopus development. Targeting of both chordin Xenopus laevis pseudoalleles with morpholino antisense oligomers (Chd-MO) markedly decreased Chordin production. Embryos developed with moderately reduced dorsoanterior structures and expanded ventroposterior tissues, phenocopying the zebrafish chordino mutant. A strong requirement for Chordin in dorsal development was revealed by experimental manipulations. First, dorsalization by lithium chloride treatment was completely blocked by Chd-MO. Second, Chd-MO inhibited elongation and muscle differentiation in Activin-treated animal caps. Third, Chd-MO completely blocked the induction of the central nervous system (CNS), somites, and notochord by organizer tissue transplanted to the ventral side of host embryos. Unexpectedly, transplantations into the dorsal side revealed a cell-autonomous requirement of Chordin for neural plate differentiation.

PubMed ID: 12586065
Article link: Dev Cell
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: actl6a ag1 chrd egr2 evx1 fst hoxb9 hoxc9-like myf5 ncam1 nog not otx2 rax sox2 szl tbx2 tubb2b
Morpholinos: chrd.1 MO1 chrd.1 MO2

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