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Kidney Int 1995 Dec 01;486:1828-36. doi: 10.1038/ki.1995.481.
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Cl- channels in basolateral renal medullary vesicles. X. Cloning of a Cl- channel from rabbit outer medulla.

Zimniak L , Winters CJ , Reeves WB , Andreoli TE .

These experiments were intended to identify candidate cDNAs which might encode basolateral membrane Cl- channels of the mTAL using a homology-based cloning strategy. We prepared a cDNA library using a 1.8 to 3.2 kb mRNA fraction from rabbit outer medulla that induces a Cl- conductance in cellular membranes of Xenopus laevis oocytes. The cDNA library was screened with two 32P-oligonucleotide probes corresponding to highly conserved sequences in other Cl- channels. We isolated two cDNAs: rbClC-Ka and rbClC-Kb. The protein sequences deduced from these two cDNAs had 99% homology. Using RT-PCR technology, cultured mouse mTAL cells were found to contain mRNA corresponding to those two cDNAs. Expression of the mRNAs corresponding to these two cDNAs was kidney-specific and was greater in rabbit renal medulla than rabbit renal cortex. Finally, by using RT-PCR technology in combination with microdissected glomeruli or tubule segments, we found mRNA for rbClC-Ka in glomeruli, proximal convoluted tubules, mTAL and cortical collecting tubules.

PubMed ID: 8587242
Article link: Kidney Int
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