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GEO Series: GSE19173

Title: Xenopus egg small RNA associated with Y12 antibody


We examined in Xenopus tropicalis eggs piRNAs that are associated with Y12 antibody, which binds symmetrically methylated arginines that are present on diverse Piwi proteins. The goal of this experiment is to more deeply characterize the piRNA pool from adult Xenopus extracts, using the Illumina platform.

Contributors: Nicolas Robine, Nelson Lau, Eric Lai

Experiment Type: Sequencing of a cDNA library from small RNAs from the Y12 immunoprecipitate

Article: XB-ART-40809, PubMed

Source: NCBI GEO, Xenbase Download

Samples: (DEG = Differentially Expressed Genes; GSM = GEO Sample Number)
Sample View GSMs Assay Type
SNRPB egg - mature egg GSM475282  RNA-Seq
Background: Xtr.Outbred
Tissue Assay Stages ChIP Antibody
egg mature egg stage snrpb Ab1
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