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Library Name: NIH_XGC_tropSkeMus1

Species: Xenopus tropicalis

Number Of Clones: 11199

Description: Library prepared from 5 ug of poly A+ RNA by oligo-dT priming [5'-ACTAGTGCGGCCGCCTAGGCCTCGAGT(18)-3'] and Stratascript reverse transcriptase. After ligation of EcoRI adapters (5'-AATTCGGCACGAGG-3') followed by kinasing adapters and XhoI digestion, the cDNA was size-selected by chromatography on Sepharose CL-2B columns and fractions containing cDNAs larger than 1 kb were ligated into EcoRI/XhoI digested pCS107 vector. Average insert size is 1.5 kb. The original library contained 1E5 recombinants. Reference: Current Genomics 4, 635-644. Use sp6 to obtain 5' end sequence, and t7 or t3 to obtain 3' end sequence. Library constructed by Bruce Blumberg (University of California, Irvine, Dept of Developmental and Cell Biology).

Normalized: No Subtraction: No
Anatomy: skeletal muscle Stage: frog

Vector DetailsVector Map
Name: pCS107

Type: plasmid

5' Restriction Site: EcoRI

3' Restriction Site: XhoI
Expression Image