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Summary Genes Attributions

Library Name: Xenla_13

Species: Xenopus laevis

Number Of Clones: 87

Description: cDNA made by oligo-dT priming. Directionally cloned into SalI/NotI sites using the following 5' adaptor: tcgacccacgcgtccg and 3' adaptor: gactagttctagatcgcgagcggccgcccttttttttttttttt. Average insert size 1.3kb. Primary library, non-amplified. Library constructed by V. Gawantka, PhD. REF: Gawantka, V., Pollet, N., Delius, H., Vingron, M., Pfister, R., Nitsch, R., Blumenstock, C., and Niehrs, C. (1998) Gene expression screening in Xenopus identifies molecular pathways, predicts gene function and provides a global view of embryonic patterning. Mech. Dev. 77:95-141.

Normalized: No Subtraction: No
Anatomy: whole organism Stage:

Vector DetailsVector Map
Name: pBluescript KS+

Type: phagemid

5' Restriction Site: SalI

3' Restriction Site: NotI
Expression Image