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tcp1xenopus optic field [+] 

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Experiment details for tcp1

Marracci S et al. (2015) Assay

Comparative expression analysis of pfdn6a and tcp1α during Xenopus development.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
tcp1.S laevis NF stage 13 to NF stage 19 optic vesicle , optic field
tcp1.S laevis NF stage 22 to NF stage 23 optic vesicle , eye

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  Figure 3. Whole mount in situ hybridization analysis of pfdn6a and tcp1α during neurulation. (A-C, F-H) show frontal views (dorsal to the top) of hybridized embryos at the indicated neurula stages; white arrowheads indicate neural crests. (D, I) Dorsal view of stage 18/19 embryos injected unilaterally with Rx1 RNA and nuclear LacZ RNA as a tracer (red staining). Arrows point at regions displaying stronger repression. (E, J) Lateral views of hybridized stage 22- 23 embryos; anterior is to the left; nc: neural crests. Scale bars = 250μm.