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tcf15xenopus caudal presomitic mesoderm 

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Experiment details for tcf15

Carpio R et al. (2004) Assay

Xenopus paraxis homologue shows novel domains of expression.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
tcf15.L laevis NF stage 26 caudal presomitic mesoderm

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  Figure 2. paraxis is expressed in somitic mesoderm. A-D: Dorsal view of embryos at different stages as indicated in the figure. Anterior (a) is at the top; p, posterior. E-H: Sections of embryos shown in A-D, in the region indicated by the line; n, notochord. I: Stage 22 embryo showing an anterior-posterior wave of paraxis down-regulation. J: Anterior section of embryo shown in I. Arrowhead, somitic expression of paraxis is restricted to the dermatome; arrow, initial expression of paraxis in the neural tube; n, notochord. K: Posterior section of embryo shown in I. Note that the complete somite is stained; n, notochord. L: Stage 26 embryo. Note that, as muscle differentiation is more advanced in this embryo, a down-regulation of paraxis is observed, except in the most posterior somites.