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tbx20xenopus ventral mesoderm [+] 

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Experiment details for tbx20

Hempel A et al. (2017) Assay

The CapZ interacting protein Rcsd1 is required for cardiogenesis downstream of Wnt11a in Xenopus laevis.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
tbx20.L laevis NF stage 20 ventral mesoderm

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  Fig. 4. : Rcsd1 depletion interferes with cardiac differentiation. A. Expression of nkx2-5, isl1 and tbx20 at stage 20 upon Rcsd1 down-regulation. B. Quantitative presentation of data shown in A. C. Unilateral injection Rcsd1 MO leads to reduced cardiac marker gene expression at stage 28 (ventral views, red arrowheads). D. Quantitative presentation of data shown in C. E-F. qPCR approaches with cardiac explants at stage 28 (E) and stage 33/34 (F) confirmed the down-regulation of tnni3 and myh6 upon Rcsd1 depletion. N, number of single explants used for qPCR. G. Unilateral inhibition of cardiac marker gene expression upon Rcsd1 MO injection (ventral views, red arrowheads) is restored by the co-injection of full-length Xenopus rcsd1 RNA (ventral views, black arrowheads). H. Quantitative presentation of data shown in G. n, number of independent experiments; N, number of analysed embryos. Error bars indicate standard error of the means (s.e.m.). *, p≤0.05, **; p≤0.01; ***, p≤0.001; ****, p≤0.0001; calculated by a non-parametric Mann-Whitney rank sum test.