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sox8xenopus ventral blood island 

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Neural crest migration requires the activity of the extracellular sulphatases XtSulf1 and XtSulf2.

Neural crest migration requires the activity of the extracellular sulphatases XtSulf1 and XtSulf2.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
sox8 tropicalis NF stage 26 ventral blood island

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  Supplementary Figure 4: XtSulf-1 and XtSulf-2 are expressed in the migrating CNC and are flanked by FGF3 and FGF8 expression. Zygotic transcripts for XtSulf-1, XtSulf-2 , FGF3 and FGF8 are detected by whole mount in-situ hybridisation using DIG-AP labelled RNA in X. tropicalis embryos at NF stage 25 30 35 and 40, lateral views of embryos, anterior to the left. XtSulf-1 is expressed in the mandibular arch and somites throughout all tailbud stages, in the hyoid and branchial arch and pronephros from NF stage 25 till 40 in the primary heart field from NF stage 30 till stage 40. XtSulf-2 is expressed in the anterior mesendoderm, just ventral to the mandibular arch at NF stage 20 to 30, expression is then restricted to the gill at NF stage 40. Frontal vibratome sections show XtSulf-1 expression in the pharyngeal mesoderm of the anterior and posterior branchial, hyoid and mandibular arches, XtSulf-2 expression in the pharyngeal endoderm of the mandibular arch and anterior ectodermal cleft of the hyoid arch, FGF3 and FGF8 expression in the anterior endodermal pharyngeal pouch of the posterior and anterior branchial, hyoid and mandibular arches. Xenbase Curator notes: 1) bottom 2 panels, left side are labelled sox8 as are curated as such. 2) NF staging mis-identified in figure legend, and are curated as stage 22/23, 26, 28/29 and 40 respectively (left to right) - not 2,5 30, 35, and 40 as stated above)