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sfrp1xenopus optic field [+] 

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Experiment details for sfrp1

Dickinson AJ and Sive HL (2009) Assay

The Wnt antagonists Frzb-1 and Crescent locally regulate basement membrane dissolution in the developing primary mouth.

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sfrp1.L laevis NF stage 17 to NF stage 20 optic field

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  Fig. S2. In situ hybridizations to show expression patterns sfrps during neurula and early tailbud stages.sfrp1 (A-D), sfrp2 (E-H) and sfrp5 (I-L) are labeled purple/blue, whereas the cement gland marker, XCG, is labeled orange. A, C and E are frontal views; B, D and F are sagittal sections (anterior to the left) of the same stage; G-L are frontal views. Arrows indicate the presumptive primary mouth. cg, cement gland. Scale bars: 200 . cDNAs used for making in situ probes were obtained from Open Biosystems; sfrp-1 (GA# BC106360, image clone 7392081), sfrp-2 (GA# BC044687, image clone 5571003) and sfrp-5 (GA# BC082632, image clone 5512233).