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ptf1axenopus ventricular zone 

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Hanotel J et al. (2014) Assay

The Prdm13 histone methyltransferase encoding gene is a Ptf1a-Rbpj downstream target that suppresses glutamatergic and promotes GABAergic neuronal fate in the dorsal neural tube.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
ptf1a.S laevis NF stage 32 to NF stage 33 and 34 ventricular zone

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  Fig. 2. Prdm13 embryonic expression profile is highly related to that of Ptf1a and overlaps with those of its downstream targets Neurog2 and Pax2 in Xenopus embryos. (A–F) Dorsal or lateral views of Prdm13 and Ptf1a in stage 18, 27 and 33 embryos showing that the two genes have a similar restricted expression in the neural tube. (G–I) Images of transversal sections of the neural tube at the level of the anterior spinal cord of a stage 32 embryo, following double fluorescent in situ hybridization for Prdm13 and Ptf1a. Note the overlap of the two stainings (arrows). (J–M) Transversal sections of the neural tube of stage 32 embryos at the level of the otic vesicles stained with the indicated probes. Note that Ptf1a appears coexpressed with Prdm13, Neurog2 and Pax2 in the dorsal neural tube. While Ptf1a is expressed in the lateral part of the ventricular zone and in the intermediate zone, Prdm13 and Neurog2 strongest expression is detected in the intermediate zone and Pax2 in the marginal zone. Nieuwkoop Faber stages are indicated.