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pmp22xenopus trachea 

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Tae HJ et al. (2015) Assay

Temporal and spatial expression analysis of peripheral myelin protein 22 (Pmp22) in developing Xenopus.

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pmp22.L laevis NF stage 40 trachea

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  Fig. 3. Expression of Pmp22 determined by in situ hybridization of whole sections. (A) At stage 15, Pmp22 was weakly expressed in mesoderm cells. (B) At stage 30 Pmp22 sense probe was used as a negative control. (C–D) Transverse sections showing the expression of Pmp22 in the mesenchyme of the head at stage 35. Expression of Pmp22 was detected in the eye, craniofacial cartilage, trigeminal ganglia, and roof plate of the anterior neural tube, as well as floor plate of the posterior neural tube. (E) Schematic representation of the head of a stage 40 embryo as viewed from the lateral side, dorsal to top, and anterior to the left. Image was modified from Nieuwkoop and Faber (1967). (F–L) At stage 40, transverse sections revealed expression of Pmp22 in the head mesenchyme, floor plate of the developing brain, cartilage (F–I), lens (G), trigeminal ganglia (H), otic vesicle (I, L), developing trachea (J) and lungs (K). (L–O) At stage 40, expression of Pmp22 was observed in the dorsal (blue arrow) and ventral (green arrow) aspects of the developing otocyst. Islet1 (bracket) is expressed in the sensory organs of the otic vesicle (O), which did not overlap with Pmp22 (L). bc, basihyal cartilage; br, branchial cartilage; cc, craniofacial cartilage; ce, cerathoyal cartilage; di, diencephalon; et, ethmoid-trabecular cartilage; fp, floor plate; he, heart; le, lens; lu, lung; me, Meckel’s cartilage; no, notochord; ov, otic vesicle; ph, pharynx; qu, quadrate cartilage; rp, roof plate; st, stomodeum; tg, trigeminal ganglion; tr, trachea. The scale bar represents 100 μm.