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Experiment details for pard3

Par3 controls neural crest migration by promoting microtubule catastrophe during contact inhibition of locomotion.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
pard3.S laevis NF stage 20 neural crest

  Fig. 6. Par3 is localised at the contact site of Xenopus NC cells and does not affect stable microtubules. (A-F) Par3GFP localises to contacts between NC cells in clusters (A) and between colliding single cells (B). (C-F) z-projection of confocal images showing immunostaining against endogenous Par3 in cryosections of Xenopus embryos. (C) Par3 is located at contacts between NC cells. (D) mbRFP identifies NC cells and cell contacts; each asterisk indicates a different cell. (E) Merge of I and J. (F) Colocalisation mask of I and J. (G-J) Analysis of microtubules in NC cells. (G,H) Immunostaining against α-tubulin shows the microtubule array in ControlMO-injected (G) and Par3MO-injected (H) cells. (I,J) Immunostaining against acetylated tubulin stains a stable subpopulation of microtubules in ControlMO-injected (I) and Par3MO-injected (J) cells. Scale bars: 10 μm in A; 20 μm in C.