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onecut1xenopus stomach [+] 

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Xenopus insm1 is essential for gastrointestinal and pancreatic endocrine cell development.

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onecut1 tropicalis NF stage 35 and 36 stomach

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  Figure 4. Development of anterior endodermal organs is unaffected. A,B: Hex gene expression is normal in insm1 morpholino injected samples (88%, n = 8). C,D: Frp5 expression is slightly reduced, but overall the stomach appears normal (66%, n = 25). E,F: Hnf6 expression. Hnf6 is expressed in the posterior duodenum and the gall bladder. In insm1 knockdown tadpoles, expression in the gall bladder is normal, while its expression in the gut is absent (72%, n = 18). Pa, pancreas; Li, liver; GB, gall bladder. Pictures presented in control column are of uninjected embryos, but in all cases mismatch morpholino embryos (n ge 8 for each marker) gave identical results as control, with normal expression of these markers. The pancreas is outlined.