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nogxenopus hindlimb digit 

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Beck CW et al. (2009) Assay

Temporal requirement for bone morphogenetic proteins in regeneration of the tail and limb of Xenopus tadpoles.

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nog.L laevis NF stage 53 to NF stage 54 hindlimb digit

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  Fig. 1. Expression of BMP and noggin during appendage development and regeneration. (A) BMP2 is expressed in tail fin mesenchyme throughout tail development (stage 36 shown). (BMP4 is similar, see (Beck and Slack, 1998)). (B) Noggin is expressed in the posterior dorsal neural tube and leading edge of the tail tip (stage 36 shown). (C, D) A three day regenerate. Arrowheads show level of amputation. (C) BMP2 expression at leading edge of cut fin (arrow). (D) Noggin expression in the regenerating notochord (arrow). (E–H) hindlimb: reciprocal expression of noggin (condensing tarsal cartilages) and BMPs during limb development. (E) BMP2 in apical epidermis at stage 53. (F) BMP4 in interdigital regions at stage 53. (G) noggin in two forming digits at early stage 53. (H) Noggin in all five hindlimb digits at stage 54. Scale bars 250 μm.