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lmx1b.1xenopus hindlimb digit 

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Experiment details for lmx1b.1

Matsuda H et al. (2001) Assay

An epidermal signal regulates Lmx-1 expression and dorsal-ventral pattern during Xenopus limb regeneration.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
lmx1b.1.S laevis NF stage 55 hindlimb digit

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  FIG. 3. (A) Comparison of deduced amino acid sequence of Lmx-1. (B) A phylogenetic tree, constructed by the neighbor-joining method, illustrating the relationship of Lmx-1 family members to other LIM homeodomain proteins. (C) Lmx-1 expression in developing limb buds at stage 51 (C), stage 52 (D), stage 53 (E), and stage 55 (F). Lmx-1 is expressed throughout the dorsal mesenchyme at stages 513 (C), and a weak signal is restricted to the dorsal mesenchyme of the presumptive digits region (arrowheads) at stage 55 (F). Staining in the epidermis in (F) is nonspecific background. d, dorsal; v, ventral. Bar, 100 ﰁm