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hoxb7xenopus forelimb bud [+] 

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Retinoic acid induces changes in the localization of homeobox proteins in the antero-posterior axis of Xenopus laevis embryos.

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hoxb7.L laevis NF stage 45 forelimb bud

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  Fig. 1. Inmunolocalization of Xebl and Xeb2 protein in untreated Xenopus laevis embryos. (A) Stage 30 embryo, showing Xebl protein distribution in the neural tube and the metamerization points of the pronephros (arrowhead). Notice labelled cells migrating between the neural tube and the lateral mesoderm. (B) The same as shown in panel A, but at higher magnification. See nuclear staining of cells spreading through the pronephros and lateral mesoderm (arrowhead). ov, otic vesicle. (C) Dorsal view of a whole mount stage 45 embryo stained with Xeb2 antibody. Notice strong labelling in the IX-X ganglia (arrow) and in the caudal hindbrain. The branchial arches are also stained (E, F, G) and indicate planes of sections shown in panels E-G. (D) The same embryo as in panel C, but slightly shifted laterally to show Xeb2 expression in the lung bud (arrow). t indicates plane section shown in panel I. (E) Transverse section of stage 45 embryo at the level of the basibranchial region, showing nuclear staining with Xeb2 antibody (arrowhead). (F) Transverse section of the same embryo as in 1E, but at the level of the nucleus of the IX-X ganglia (ga), (arrow). (G) A more posterior section of the same embryo, showing labelled cells spreading into the fore-limb rudiment. lb, limb bud. (H) Transverse section of the same embryo at the level of the caudal hindbrain. Notice cells expressing Xeb2 at high levels located dorso-laterally in the neurectoderm. (I) A more posterior section at the level of the caudal hindbrain, showing labelled cells in the neuroepitelium and a very strong staining in the lung buds (arrow). lu, lung bud.