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gja1xenopus hindlimb digit 

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Connexin43 expression during Xenopus development.

Connexin43 expression during Xenopus development.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
gja1.L ov-11 laevis NF stage 52 to NF stage 56 hindlimb digit

  Fig. 4. Cx43 expression in developing fore- (A) and hindlimbs (B). Cx43 is expressed intensely and widely in the early limb bud, becoming restricted during mesoderm condensation, later outlining the precartilage and perichondrium, forelimbs stages 52–55, hindlimbs stages 53–56. Enlargements of B, showing details of Cx43 expression during cartilage formation. Stage 53 (C), stage 54 (D) and stage 56 (E). Brown dots are pigment cells.