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clcnkbxenopus branchial arch 

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Yan B et al. (2015) Assay

Microarray identification of novel genes downstream of Six1, a critical factor in cranial placode, somite, and kidney development.

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clcnkb.L image:7010138 laevis NF stage 24 to NF stage 33 and 34 branchial arch

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  Figure 11. Whole-mount in situ hybridization assays at tail bud to larval stages illustrating more divergent expression patterns of 10 down-regulated genes: IMAGE 4174145, IMAGE 3399268, IMAGE 4057931, IMAGE 3400511, Socs3, MGC 114680, IMAGE 7010138, Cnfn1-a, Ralgds, Dnaja4.2. Side views at tail bud (left column) and larval (middle column) stages, with anterior to the left and dorsal to the top, and transverse sections at larval stages (right side) with dorsal to the top. Abbreviations are as in Figure 10. For Cnfn1-a: hg, hatching gland; clo, cloaca.